1Direct lightning protection

Install the lightning rod TLS -P150F on the roof to protect satellite antenna. 

2、Power system protection

Class I SPD protection: install in the main power distribution cabinet of the building, model TPS B50-Pro 4P

Class II SPD protection: install in the sub-distribution cabinet on each storey, model TPS C40 3P+N

Class III SPD protection: install in the power supply side of device, model TPS D10 JF7

3、Signal system protection

Network equipment protection: Installed in the switch's network input port, model TTS-RJ45-24E (24-port rack), and TTS-RJ45-E100/4S for single-port equipment.

Telephone line protection: Installed in the telephone exchange distributing frame, model TTS-KRONE-LSA10; and TTS-RJ45-TELE-2S installed in terminal telephone.

Antenna feeder protection: Installed on the signal input terminal of the receiving device of the satellite antenna, model TCS-G-N-50MF.

Monitoring system protection: TTS-CCTV series with integrated three-in-one (protecting front-end device with pan tilt system) or two-in-one (ordinary front-end device). For example, TTS-CCTV-3/220 or TTS-CCTV-2/220 can be used for front-end device with 220V power supply

Cable TV lines Protection: TTS-CoaxB-TV/S is used to protect cable TV lines.