At present, with the rapid development of computer and network communication technologies, computer network systems are increasingly demanding lightning protection. Because of the cognitive bias or poor protective measures against lightning strikes, it is often not effective. Especially in the thunderstorm season, some electronic and electrical equipments of computer network systems are frequently attacked by lightning, and some are even burned down, causing huge economic losses. The lightning protection of computer network systems should be paid enough attention, and the lightning protection facilities should be rectified and the overall protective measures should be taken to better maintain the safe operation of the server room.

Regarding the specification of grounding, Section 4 of the national standard "Design Specification for Electronic Computer Room" has the following provisions:

The grounding device of the computer room should meet the requirements of personal safety, normal operation of the computer and safety of system equipment.

 The following four grounding methods should be used in the computer room:

  AC working grounding

  Safe working grounding

  DC working grounding

  Lightning protection grounding