Angelpower Series is specially developed for business office and family life. It provides safe, intelligent, convenient, energy-saving connection and protection for customer’s electrical&electronic equipment. Angelpower Series comprise Surge protective socket, USB charging socket, converter plug / socket, remote control switch socket, timer switch socket, radar sensor switch socket, energy saving socket, metering socket, WIFI network control socket, Desktop PDU combined socket and so on. We have varieties of products, flexible customization and powerful functions. There must be one for you to make your life safer and more comfortable!

  • Safety socket series

    Safety socket series

    The product series adopts higher electrical specifications than the ordinary sockets in the market. From a switch, a cable, a function, to the internal electrical connection, all reflect professional and safe craftsmen spirit, and effectively protect electrical equipment and personal safety!

  • Intelligent switch&socket series

    Intelligent switch&socket series

    Through adding intelligent management functions such as timing, remote control, energy conservation, metering, radar induction, WIFI network control and USB intelligent charging on the basis of safe socket, together connecting intelligent switch and socket into cloud platform for remote management.

  • Desktop PDU combined socket series

    Desktop PDU combined socket series

    TOWE launches a new revolutionary product in global socket field, which uses various safe and intelligent module components. We redefine the socket from each function, the appearance and size of the product. We can meet any personalized needs in any application scenarios by ultrafast customization.