The general control station is the control and information center. It has a large number of computer equipments, communication equipments and instruments and meters with high value. Most of them have radio stations and antenna feeders. It is the production monitoring and dispatching center of the whole factory. Metal materials such as aluminum and iron are largely used in decoration, so the requirements for lightning protection are higher. The purpose is to form equal voltage equipotential shielding measures.

The structure of the control station should be equipped with lightning protection belts and lightning protection nets, as the effect of only-installed lightning rods is not good. Though the height of the water plant structure is low, the terrain is empty and close to the water source, so it is vulnerable to various forms of lightning strikes in all directions. The grounding resistance of the control station must be less than 10 ohms. There should be lightning rods installed in the antenna feeder or communication tower, and placed in the 45° angle of the lightning protection net of the building. The lightning rod and the communication tower should be separately grounded to the grounding net, except for being grounded with the steel structure in the building. If only grounded with the steel structure in the building, as the welding quality of the steel bar may not be guaranteed when the structure is constructed, the voltage-sharing requirement of the lightning strike is not guaranteed and a strong magnetic field is easily formed in the structure. All metal doors and windows on the outer wall of the structure shall be connected to the grounding net of the structure.