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Due to the business development needs of our company, we are looking for suppliers of lightning-proof products and lightning-proof engineering materials, product shells, hardware processing, power cord manufacturing, mold processing, packaging and printing, and related electronic parts. Our main products can be found in the product center Welcome to call us. Contact. If you are interested in cooperation, please fill in the relevant enterprise situation questionnaire and your qualifications, send mail or fax to our purchasing contract department, we will contact you at the first time.

The following is our company's long-term procurement:

Socket fittings, wiring terminals and other copper processing parts.

Wire and cable.

vCopper, copper and copper foil.

Mold and injection molding.

Aluminum alloy shell (electronic products), metal stamping parts, sheet metal parts.

Contact person: Miss Purchasing Department

Tel: 010-51266558-81613811300291

Fax: 010-82915926

Download: Beijing is also a supplier's questionnaire.