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Huisheng ZhouFounder of TOWE

EMBA, established Beijing TOWE in 2001, and has been the chairman and general manager by far. leading figures in the industry, engaged in corporate comprehensive management and strategic planning.
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Vice Chairman of the Beijing Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce; Founding Chairman of the Beijing Jiangxi IT Chamber of Commerce; Member of the Thunder Committee of the Chinese Meteorological Society

Wishes from President on New Year’s Day of 2018  

The end of 2017 has arrived, with various kinds of recoveries. There is a fresh start for the year of 2018. 

As I have started up business for many years, the sense of cycle is not so strong, because I have been running on the way. The end of the year is more a sign, whose sense of ritual will make people look back and look forward periodically. Now for TOWE and me, there should be a sorting, summary, planning and motivation.

Propose a toast to say goodbye to 2017. As the helmsman of entity enterprise, after me is my respect with all words in wine. The two phrases“19th CPC National Congress”and“transformation and upgrading”are the key words about 2017 occurred in my mind first. The former is about state nation, and the latter refers to my company and me.

For one’s life with hundred years, I have experienced nearly the half. With vacuum flask without goji berries, regardless of greasiness as others see me, I study, drink, hike, train, have meeting and work overtime, etc. I still march on the business road with pride and enthusiasm, which can also add a few touches of spring. A better understanding of myself, others and things is my most gratifying harvest in 2017. Thank you very much for accompanying us as both teachers and friends. It’s my great honor to have you all the way.

Bidding farewell to 2017, Beijing TOWE is one step closer to a century-old enterprise, though it will take another 84 years. In the past year, despite the pain of industry adjustment, we’re still tenacious in main product lines and achieve the growth that most peers can’t imagine. The most important is that the growth is based on industrial upgrading, so it’s worth celebrating.

In 2017, we sort out and upgrade enterprise culture, with resetting strategic objectives, innovating product and service systems, building TOWE’s ecological trees and rebuilding the strong organizations. Getting clear development orientation in the age of IoT is TOWE’s greatest harvest in 2017. Here I show my gratitude on behalf of TOWE management. Thank you for your care and support in the past 2017, the users, partners and colleagues who have given the most support all over China. Thank you for your efforts. 

All past is prelude, the 2017 to be sent away is a year that allows us to accumulate energy, surge forward and uphold mindfulness.

In 2018, we must continue our journey of 2017. Today we recall the past year and look forward to the new year. Technology and information revolution is driving new economy to flourish at a high speed. The intelligent society characterized by“everything is aware, everything is connected, and everything is smart”is coming. In such an exciting and desirable era, it makes people and organizations prefer to seek innovation and change, to rebuild egos. As a participant, builder and witness, we’re lucky. Let's roll up our sleeves and work hard, because we’re creating a “new world”. The fighter is never a loser.

Confidently believing that man can live up to two hundred years old and so can swim an accumulated length of three thousand miles. Don’t worry, my partners in TOWE. As long as we continue to do better and serve our customers, we have the opportunities to surpass a lot and create more value for society. In the current changing environment, TOWE adheres to“culture self-confidence, talent self-confidence, strategy self-confidence and  industry self-confidence”. There is no reason why we can’t achieve a much more valuable career than the present. Usually many people can’t believe anything until they see it. But if you want greater achievement, only you believe first then you can see it.

A thousand sails pass by the sunken ship and ten thousand saplings shoot up beyond the withered tree——New forces will always take the place of the old ones. This is a vivid description for all industries in China. After a rapid development in the past 30 years, the giants of various industries are accelerating under the drive of Internet information revolution. The survival of the fittest is a thing of past, whereas the strong being always strong is the present thing, even the future thing. We can become the strongest with a bright future only by working hard and being brave to innovate. So innovation is a responsibility as well as power. Towards the light, innovation never stops.

Winter passed by soon, giving place to spring.

We propose a toast to the future and welcome 2018. Best wishes for 2018.

Sun will rise as usual tomorrow. All of us bathe in the New Year's sunshine. The sun hits your face, and the warmth remains in our hearts.

So on the first day of 2018, we have to say “Happy New Year” to you and to everyone around you. And sincere wishes: every expectation of the New Year will have a resounding at the end of the year! Every dream of the New Year can grow poetically and bloom!  

TOWE can’t develop so rapidly without you. Let’s shake hands, sharing the sunshine of New Year and expressing best wishes. We expect there are more cooperations in 2018. Here I thank all of you with a deep bow. Bless you and your family reunited and healthy. Everything goes as you wish!


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