Beijing TOWE always dedicates to electrical connection and protection of terminal equipment for nearly 20 years, providing customers a variety of advanced, safe and reliable products with intelligence and modularization. It mainly includes 3 lines: Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Surge Protective Device(SPD), Industrial Connector. TOWE is an industry leading brand in Chinese market. TOWE Products are trustworthy with the performance of security, reliability and advanced technology.

  • Power Distribution Unit(PDU)

    Power Distribution Unit(PDU)

    As the industry pioneer of PDU, TOWE recently launches the third generation patented product with unique 1UX1U product construction system. There are varieties of original technologies, additional electrical safety components and network intelligent management control module.

  • Surge Protective Device(SPD)

    Surge Protective Device(SPD)

    As the leader in China's lightning protection industry with advanced technology, TOWE provides lightning protection products for power supply, communication, industrial control, new energy, lightning rods and grounding. Our products have successfully used in Beijing Olympic games.

  • Industrial connector

    Industrial connector

    IC is a much safer and more reliable industrial electrical connections in TOWE product range, including industrial plugs, industrial sockets, appliance sockets and combination socket boxes, etc. They are both waterproof and dustproof. The protection level is IP44 and IP67.