Network system integration 



1. Network System Integration: It optimizes and combines all kinds of computer, software, network, communication and man-machine environment, according to the application requirements and certain specifications. So it can fully play the role of various software and hardware resources and achieve the best results. It integrates computer technology, modern control technology, modern communication technology and modern graphics display technology to achieve transmission and play of voice, data, images, video and other information.

2. Network management technology: including the use of hardware, software and human resources, integration and coordination, so as to monitor, test, configure, analyze, evaluate and control network resources, so as to meet some of the network needs such as real-time performance, service quality at a reasonable price.

Complete network construction process       


    1. Customer demand analysis 

     2. Technical solution design 

     3. Network topology diagram design  


     4. LAN construction 

     5. Configuration of each interchanger 

      6. LAN and Internet connection