Electromagnetic radiation pollution source monitoring method 

Environmental condition 

It should meet the conditions of use specified in industry standards and instrument standards. The measurement record should indicate the ambient temperature and relative humidity. 

Measuring instrument 

A broadband radiation detector with isotropic response or directional electric field probe or magnetic field probe can be used. When a directional probe is used, the probe direction should be adjusted at the measuring point to measure the maximum radiation level at the measuring point. 

The working frequency band of the measuring instrument should meet the requirements of the field to be tested. The instrument should be periodically identified by the metrological standard.

Measuring time 

The measurement is performed during the normal working time of the radiator. Each measurement point is continuously measured 5 times and each measurement time should not be less than 15 seconds, then the maximum value of the steady state is read. If the measurement readings are fluctuating obviously, the measurement time should be extended appropriately.


Measuring position  

The measuring position is taken from the operating position, 0.5, 1, 1.7m above the ground. 

The position of the auxiliary equipment (computer room, power supply room, etc.) of the radiator being often operated, and the measurement position is 0.5-1.7 m above the ground. 

Fixed posts and duty stations near the radiator. 

The data is processed for the average field strength value at each measurement position (if there are several readings). 

According to the E value (H, Pd) of each operation position, the analysis and evaluations are made according to the national standard "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" (GB 8702-88) or other safety limits established by ministries and commissions.